Paid in Full

Today, I am going to end our focus on God’s forgiveness of all our sins.  We have been studying this because in the first step of our recovery program you made a list of all your sexual sins.  That horrible exercise leaves us feeling terrible about ourselves so we...

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Prodigal Sons and Daughters

This print is from a painting that an artist named Cody Miller painted depicting the embrace the Prodigal son received from his father after returning from blowing his inheritance on prostitutes and sinful living.  You know the story.  He came home after he realized...

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Perfected Forever while Being Made Holy

So far in this email series, as I am walking you through the 180 Recovery Program by starting you from the beginning, we have looked at a couple of things (and these emails are posted on the website Breaking Lies – Being Honest with God and Yourself...

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Your Need to Understand Mercy, Forgiveness and Grace

These three words are core words to understanding God our Father and Jesus our Lord.  They are precious words that we should embrace and understand.  The Bible makes it clear that we are saved by Grace through Faith.  God has forgiven us all our sins, past present and...

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Grasping God’s Forgiveness

So how many of your sins has God forgiven?  There is a lot of bad theology out there and in this area many of us have been affected by bad preaching, bad interpretation and by what seems to be “normal” in our hearts. If we were to go by what seems right we would...

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Recovery is Progress Not Perfection

It doesn’t take long to realize that stopping this sexual brokenness and being released from the grip of pornography is going to be a challenge.  You have probably tried to stop many times and you know it is going to take work.  Writing your sexual sin inventory is...

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Are You STILL Living in Isolation?

There is a reason the slogan “A Lone Sheep is A Dead Sheep” is at the top of my Facebook page.  Sin and shame drive us into isolation where we struggle and fail over and over again. There are many passages that talk about the importance of us helping one another. ...

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The Biggest Trap Holding You Captive to Lust

It is not uncommon for me to receive at least one email a day from someone who is seeking help from pornography.  Inevitably, many of them mention one common denominator.  They are alone.  For example, this came to me yesterday. “I am so ashamed to type this email,...

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Fleeing Youthful Lusts

 Almost every day I receive an email from someone crying out for help to stop looking at porn.  Typically, they read one of the articles I have posted on Covenant Eyes where they hear about these emails of encouragement and want to begin to receive them. One thing...

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Helping people connect, recover and heal from sexual brokenness.

Pornography and sexual brokenness is one of the biggest problems not only in churches but in our world today. Please help us as we fight against this epidemic … we appreciate your donations and continued prayers.

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