Have You Ever Been To _____________?

When someone has been to a great place that they really enjoyed, they might ask you if you have ever been to that place.  Like; “Have you ever been to Disneyland?”  Then they want to tell you all about it and what it was like for them.  This was back when people...

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Sex Isn’t the Medication. It’s the Disease!

Do you use porn and sex to medicate yourself?  To escape the stress of life or your work or your family?  Medications can be a great thing when you are sick and need them to heal like antibiotics and penicillin.  Taken in the right time and in the right way they bring...

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Meditate and Communicate vs Medicate

I have found in my own battle against sin that when I slip or fall I feel fear.  It is the knee jerk reaction that comes from the reality that when we did something bad as children our parents got angry, yelled at us and in some cases spanked us.  Shame also enters in...

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Meditate or Medicate?

We are going to continue this theme on using Biblical Meditation to interrupt the addiction cycle and choosing a positive step, meditation, instead of continuing in the negative step of medication by using sex. Let’s say you are being tempted, if you can imagine that,...

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Can Meditation Help My Financial Stress?

We are talking about using meditation on God’s Word to help us through the tough times of life and how using meditation can also help us experience God in our times of trial.  Here is what we have covered so far.  You can read this week’s past emails because I always...

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What If I Hate Myself?

If there were a scale and on the Right, it measures how much you love yourself and on the Left, it measures how much you hate yourself, which side would you say the needle is pointing?  I am sure that needle moves back and forth throughout your day but which side does...

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Using Biblical Meditation to Defeat Sexual Temptation.4

It is a powerful experience when God speaks to your heart.  There have been a few yet very distinct times when God has done that to me.  But, isn’t that what we long for?  To experience God in our heart and soul and not just in our knowledge.  He is living and...

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Using Biblical Meditation to Defeat Sexual Temptation.3

Biblical meditation begins with taking a verse or two from the Bible and not just reading them but chewing on them.  Not literally so if you started chewing on your bible pages stop it now! It is taking the time to really think about what these words are saying to...

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God’s Promise to Those Who Meditate

In Psalm 1 God gives us an amazing promise regarding His Word.  We are told some things we should not do and then something that we should do.  Here is the text. “Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit...

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Using Biblical Meditation to Defeat Sexual Temptation.2

Yesterday I gave you an example of how I have used biblical meditation to break the cycle of acting out by using it to deal with my depression and anxieties.  Today, I want to show you how important this concept is in the Bible since the word meditate is used in 23...

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Using Biblical Meditation to Defeat Sexual Temptation

The first action I want to talk about for us to inject into the cycle of addiction so we end up making a positive behavior instead of a negative one is the act of meditation.  I know that word just grips you with anticipation, doesn’t it?  You can’t wait to get...

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Choosing Live Over Death

I took yesterday off.  My wife and I went to Pittsburgh to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary.  I continue to be so very thankful for her grace and forgiveness toward me and her work that has helped her recover and has held our marriage together. We are talking...

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