180 Ministries values your support

When you give back it aids us in reaching more believers from sexual addiction. Saving marriages and families from the bondage of sexual sin. We deeply appreciate when members give back to help us reach the lost and isolated. Healing Happens in community. However, because of shame, believers in sexual sin isolate where this sin can grow into an addiction that destroys believers and all of their relationships.

180 exists to create a community of healing where believers can receive the support and encouragement they need.

Your donation funds us to find guys and gals that would otherwise not seek help. Our “fishing nets” include; placing relevant ads online, print materials for exposure, and collaborations with partner sites like Covenant Eyes. This is one of the biggest problems not only in churches but in our world today. Please help us as we fight against this epidemic … we appreciate your donations and continued prayers.

You may chose from a one time donation or setup a recurring deposit. In addition you may chose to join Team 180.

One Time Donation

Give a one time donation of an amount of your choice.

Recurring Donation

Setup a recurring donation with an amount of your choice.

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